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RTV Coating Training from Midsun IKM

At Midsun IKM, we're not just providing solutions to protect high voltage insulators from animal, weather and contamination-induced flashovers, but are also dedicated to sharing our expertise through comprehensive training programs and supervision services.

For example, every year, we host a specialized in-house training session focused on the application of our products and the theory behind them.

Hands-On Learning Experience

Understanding the role of practical knowledge, we designed a program to equip participants with the necessary skills to proficiently apply RTV coatings, ensuring they left with both the confidence and competence to implement this technology in their respective fields. The

Silicone Rubber Coating Practical Training

In the case of Room-Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) coatings on high-voltage insulators, we focus on:

  • The science behind RTV coating.

  • Preparation processes for insulator surfaces.

  • Step-by-step guide on the application of RTV coating.

  • Quality control measures

  • Post-application inspections.

To showcase the effectiveness and efficiency of this training, we've captured the entire process in a captivating timelapse video. From the initial surface preparation to the final application of the RTV coating, viewers can witness the transformation of standard insulators into robust, weather-resistant components ready to withstand the challenges of high-voltage operations.

RTV Coating Training: Book a hands-on experience on Silicone Rubber Coating

We invite all professionals and enthusiasts in the field of electrical maintenance and industrial protection to explore the opportunities our RTV Coating Training offer. Whether you're looking to enhance your skillset, adopt new technologies, or simply curious about the potential of RTV coatings for your company, Midsun IKM is your gateway to a world of innovation.

About RTV Coating

Midsun's High Voltage Insulator Coating (HVIC) provides a comprehensive barrier against contaminants such as salt, coal, industrial pollutants, and sand, effectively preventing costly power outages caused by excessive leakage current.

Used by leading electrical utilities globally, MIDSUN HVIC undergoes rigorous testing in high-voltage laboratories to meet international standards, ensuring reliability and performance.

Demonstrating superior resistance to corona discharge, tracking, and erosion, as well as excellent adherence, the coating's standout characteristic is its ability to regain hydrophobic properties. Remarkably durable, it maintains its integrity and effectiveness for over 15 years in field applications.

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j. ag
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Absolutly yes ,to attend to your very interesting formation.

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