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Cabinets covered with midsun silprocoat



Silicone anti-corrosion coatings formulated to restore metal structures and equipment on an advanced level


Corrosion is a serious concern in the utilities industry, where outdoor conditions accelerate the spread of rust. Power plants, distribution lines and substations are built under harsh weather conditions and temperatures, to which where metals such as steel and aluminium are exposed.

Research by NACE International, worldwide corrosion authority, demonstrated, that the annual cost of this problem comes to a total of $2.5 trillion which means corrosion in utilities makes up for the larger part of annual industrial corrosion costs, namely 39.7%.


To tackle this problematic, at Midsun Group, we have formulated a ready-to-use one-part system RTV coating, named Midsun Silprocoat to protect against corrosion and to optimize the usage of the equipment.


The product can be sprayed immediately after opening the pail. No primer is needed, and minimum surface preparation is required.


Moreover, the product cures in less than 1 hour and will last more than 10 years in challenging environments. 


Midsun Silprocoat is a top-notch resistance to weathering, water and chemical substances – making it ideal to use in coastal, industrial and desert areas. 

  • Extreme heat resistance (up to 160°C) 

  • Ideal to enclose lead paint

  • Optimal corrosion protection (e.g. power system equipment, metal hardware and structures, oil and gas storage tanks, pipes and metal barriers)

  • Strong adhesion

  • Anti-aging, offering a long-term solution

  • Available in VOC compliant formulations

  • High UV light resistance


In comparison to other products with self-priming solutions, the one-part silicone elastomer coating is known for its extreme durability under all circumstances, making it the perfect product to mitigate corrosion.  


Prior to coating, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned. In most instances, the surface only requires a high-pressure water wash. Tightly bonded tenacious rust does not need to be removed, but, however, depending on the amount of corrosion present, solvent cleaning (SSPC-SP1), hand tool cleaning (SSPC-SP@), power tool cleaning (SSPPC-SP#) or commercial blasting (SSPC-SP6) may be required. Please contact your Midsun Group representatives for the recommended surface preparation.

Methods of coating insulators include brushing, rolling, and spraying. When a small surface needs to be coated, coating by aerosol cans is sufficient to use, preferably applied with a brush or roller is recommended method.

Usually one or two coats is sufficient to obtain the recommended minimum thickness of 10 mil 250 microns (0.010”). When coating a large structure surface, spraying is the recommended approach. 

Each coat can be applied as soon as the previous coat becomes tacky (not entirely dry!). This can be anywhere up to 15 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. The full curing time is approximately 45 minutes.

Midsun Silprocoat Solventless VOC

Midsun SILPROCOAT Solventless VOC is a single component one-part room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) polysiloxane elastomer coating, for anti-corrosion purposes, available in different colors. No solvent is added.

Anticorrosive coating Silprocoat Midsun
Midsun Silprocoat w/Mineral Spirits

Midsun SILPROCOAT w/Mineral Spirits is a single component one-part RTV polysiloxane elastomer Coating, for anti-corrosion purposes, available in different colors. Solvent: Mineral Spirits.

Midsun Silprocoat w/Naphta

Midsun SILPROCOAT w/Naphta is a single component one-part RTV polysiloxane elastomer coating, for anti-corrosion purposes, available in different colors. Solvent: Naphta.


What is Silprocoat?

Midsun Silprocoat is an anti-corrosive coating formulated with silicone rubber to restore and preserve metal structures and equipment at an advance level.

How does Silprocoat work?

Midsun Silprocoat is formulated from a ready-to-use one-part system room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone coating, to protect against corrosion and optimize the usage of equipment. Proven to be top-notch resistance to areas with extreme environment condition.

What are the characteristics of Silprocoat?

Midsun Silprocoat is a one-part silicone elastomer coating that has proven to resist extreme heat up to 160°C. It has strong adhesion, anti-aging, high UV resistance and is known for its durability.

What is the expected life span of Silprocoat?

Midsun Silprocoat cures in less than an hour and will last more than 10 years in extreme environments.

Does Silprocoat come with a warranty?

Yes. The Anti-corrosive coating Silprocoat comes with a 10-year warranty.

What are the common methods to apply Silprocoat?

Common methods include brushing, rolling, and spraying.

Where is Silprocoat produced?

Midsun Silprocoat are made in the United States of America

Silprocoat anticorrosive vs Epoxy and Alkyds

Unlike Epoxy and Alkyds, Silprocoat doesn’t chalk, fade, crack, or peel. It was designed with maintenance and extending asset design life as top priority.

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