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Being a young electrical engineer, I was always restless and was seeking ways to improve the industry I was part of. Throughout the past 20 years, I went from distribution to transmission, from protection to testing, from construction to maintenance. I started to get a good overall view of something close to my heart: The “High Voltage Sector”, and with it came the struggles the industry had to deal with. Back then, my attention shifted to the very specific challenges which electrical utilities were facing, such as power outages due to the leakage current on insulators and wildlife induced blackouts.


My aim was clear: How can I help utilities find a solution for these common challenges?

These were recurring issues, and the solutions seemed insufficient, which brought me to Midsun Group in the United States. Their quick responses and ability to communicate with me in Spanish regarding the high quality of the products struck me. Once implemented, I realized their products would help many more customers and engineers to achieve the same results as I did. As we both realized the importance of personal contact, common language, and cross-cultural knowledge, we created Midsun IKM in 2015 in the heart of Europe, Vienna, to assist a wider group of engineers. Now, with a lovely family by my side and 20 years of experience in the electrical sector, I still lay awake at night – not about having success in our business, but pondering how I can help my clients to achieve success in their projects.