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Offices of Midsun IKM in Viena, Austria


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International Business Unit

Midsun Group

silicone solutions for high voltage
Imad, CEO of Midsun IKM


Based in Vienna, Austria, Midsun IKM functions as the international business development division of Midsun Group Inc., a North American manufacturer of RTV insulator coatings, anti-corrosive silicone coatings and wildlife outages protective covers, considered a dominant player in this niche business across the United States of America.​

Midsun IKM brings in an extra dimension when it comes to the group’s international markets. The team, lead by Imad Kanouni, is comprised of a group of multilingual and multicultural experts in all areas of business development, ensuring an easy and smooth implementation in different geographical areas.

We engage in turnkey projects and consultation services throughout Europe and beyond via our global network of certified applicators and local distributors. Our range of products enables us to provide professional and innovative solutions where long-lasting preventative maintenance is key.

The head of the project

Imad Kanouni

Imad has more than 20 years of experience on the high voltage field. His first years working as a young engineer in Spain helped him gain expertise in distribution, transmission, protection, testing, construction and maintenance. He then found a passion for the high voltage sector and began dealing with the specific challenges of every electrical utility: power outages, leakage current and wildlife induced blackouts. Since 2015 he runs Midsun IKM and has dedicated his time to helping his engineer colleagues succeed in their projects.

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