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Our commitment to protect wildlife (Earth day special)

Electricity basically drives the modern world. Just think about how many things depend on electricity on your daily life: cooking, working, washing, cooling, heating, watching tv, charging your phone… and the list can go on and on.

At Midsun IKM we contribute to offering reliable electrical service by providing asset protection to many major utilities and therefore avoiding unnecessary power interruptions. Although we are part of this big industry that keeps the world going, we truly believe that man-made innovation, technology, and structures should not affect nature.

Climate change, man-made changes to nature as well as crimes that disrupt biodiversity, such as deforestation, land-use change, intensified agriculture and livestock production or the growing illegal wildlife trade, can have detrimental effects on humanity as a whole

As we're committed to prevent power outages by wildlife, we'll take this opportunity how our E-Products have helped protect animals and wildlife from power transmission related faults

What are E-Products and how can they help protect wildlife?

Over 25% of all power outages are caused by wildlife and vegetation interfering with electrical equipment. Most wildlife and vegetation induced outages can be prevented by installing Midsun insulating solutions. ​

Birds, cats, rats, snakes and even squirrels are all capable of causing power outages. Animals climb around substations and birds perch on transformers seeking a safe, warm place to shelter and nest.

The line of Midsun E/Products are more than 100 different silicone tubes, tapes, sheets, preformed covers, and barriers which provide a proven, cost-effective, and easy-to-install solution to bird, animal, and weather-related outages.

What’s interesting about this solution is that they are not intrusive. By installing the covers and avoiding animals from bridging, a utility is not only able to protect their assets but can also protect the animals’ life.

The Animal outage protective covers also takes animals instincts into account. Birds will want to come over and over to rest on electrical poles, cats will never stop coming to substations looking for warmth or food, squirrels will always want to climb from tree to tree and eventually pass by high voltage cables; so, installing the silicone-based covers from Midsun will also allow them to keep roaming freely without getting killed or hurt.

Diverse application across the energy sector

Midsun’s E/Products are not only versatile because of their variety, but also because of the places they can be used:

  • Substation Wildlife Induced Outage Reduction: Reliability improvement is possible by insulating vulnerable assets in substations.

  • Overhead Lines and Wildlife Protection: Outage and fire risks can be reduced and eliminated with effective insulation of high-risk elements of the overhead line. Midsun has insulated millions of miles and kilometers of bare conductors in distribution lines around the world.

  • Protecting rail, solar- and wind farms to minimize risk in relation to wildlife.

How we have protected animals in the past

Midsun IKM has had experiences all over the world protecting animals from bridging on electrical assets.

In 2017 we delivered a solution for an oil company by providing animal guards. As one of their substations is in the middle of a forest, a civet cat was roaming the area looking for food and created an incident that ended his life.

Most recently, the E/Products solved the problem of birds bridging on the medium voltage system of a wind farm. Thanks to termination covers and silicone sleeves, our partners at Saman were able to protect owls, eagles, and other protected bird species on a national park in Hungary and help the farm to keep providing a reliable service.

Everyone can help

We can improve the health of earth and reduce animal suffering simply by remembering all who share our planet with.

Our commitment with mother nature is to stop animals from bridging on electrical networks so they don’t get hurt and avoid wildfires. What can you do from your side?! Every gesture counts!


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