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Success Story: Animal outage protection in Hungary

Midsun IKM come up with a solution for the arising issues on power outages in Hungary due to aviation. Imad Kanouni, Midsun IKM CEO, shares the story behind the success achieved on the said activity.

Avian electrocution in Hungary

A study conducted from citizen scientist on the avian electrocution incidents in Hungary. From 2004 to 2014, 3,400 avian carcasses were identified where 97% of the carcasses identified were found under or nearby a non-retrofitted pylon, as shown in Figure 1 covering from year 2004 to 2009. To define, a retrofitted pylon is considered when installed with covers on crossarms and jumpers.

Another study was conducted considering incidents originated in Hungary. Every year, death and injuries of black storks caused by overhead electrical lines in Hungary is recorded. The high prevalence of electrocution and collision with overhead lines is a threat not only on to nearby breeding grounds but as well as migrating routes. To address this arising issues, MME (BirdLife Hungary) has been working for years to mitigate risks posed by overhead lines and protect different species. In 2008, MME, MEW (Ministry of Environment and Water in Hungary) and electricity distribution companies come up with an agreement, Accessible Sky Agreement, as a long-term solution to avian mortality in Hungary. This will agreement includes a commitment to transform all dangerous power lines in the country into a more bird-friendly lines. MME and MEW prepared a detailed map of surveyed electric power lines in Hungary with bird carcasses as shown in the figure below.

BirdLife Hungary number of death birds found
Source: Monitoring Centre of MME/BirdLife Hungary

animal outage protection for bushing transformers
Bushing silicone cover
Experience with wildlife protective covers

In 2020, one of our customers in Hungary reported that after ABB has installed 1500 switches, several bird electrocution incidents on those switches. Sámán Kft., the official contracted subcontractor of ABB Kft., tapped Midsun IKM in search of wildlife and asset protection to mitigate the issue arising in Hungary and inquired our insulation products. Sámán specified that when looking for solution products, the product must meet the high requirements such as weather resistance, UV resistance, easy and quick installation, fire and arc resistance, minimum 25 kV insulating capacity, long service life, flexible and form-following material. Midsun IKM, based in Austria, specializes in distributing over 100 wildlife outage protection products that provide tracking resistance, thermal endurance, and UV protection. Silicone rubber provides superior insulation and dielectric strength, naturally resistant to ultraviolet rays, flexibility and its hydrophobicity. After the technical drawings and photographs of the equipment to be protected, turnkey plan was then established followed by a quick delivery of sample products. After a keen examination by the company’s managing director, the proposed solution was then applied in less than two months and then followed by several locations.

Animal outage protection for abb switches and any other switch
Medium voltage switch with animal outage protection

The installation was very fast and easy while allowing the client to operate without interruptions. Proving the greatest advantages of E/products which is the ease of installation whether energized or de-energized system. Since then, no outages caused by birds or other wild animals occurred on the protected devices. The switches work safely, which is a joy for all parties, because the wild animals can move freely while the energy supply is continuous. silicone products of Midsun Group Inc. have now been successfully used in more than 45 locations on Hungary's medium voltage network.


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