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The potential of RTV Coating in the Insulator Manufacturing Industry

Hydrophobic characteristics of silicone-coated insulator
Hydrophobic characteristics of silicone-coated insulator

Room-Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) is a process where a silicone rubber compound cures at room temperature to form a flexible, durable coating. RTV coating or high voltage insulator coating (HVIC), has been developed and applied rapidly for its ability to mitigate leakage currents. Its hydrophobic surface resists water filming, minimizing the contaminants’ ability to combine with water to form an ionic solution that can produce leakage current and eventually will aggravate into a flashover.

The RTV coating maintains these features over the life of the installation, making it as a long-term solution. They highlight a range of competitive advantages, by providing track resistance, UV resistance, adhesion, temperature stability and hydrophobicity.


Impact to Ceramic and Glass Insulators

Ceramic and glass insulators serve as one of the key components in electrical transmission systems. However, these insulators are sometimes exposed to environmental factors such as moisture, UV radiation, and pollution, which can compromise their performance over time. RTV coating addresses these challenges by providing an enhanced capabilities to resist pollution and mitigate leakage currents.

By applying RTV coating to the insulator surface, it will provide protection from extreme weather conditions, prolonging its lifespan, reduce the maintenance cost, while maintaining optimal and increased electrical insulation properties.


Insulator Manufacturers enhance their products with RTV Coating

Insulator manufacturers worldwide have embraced RTV coating in increasing the quality and reliability in their products. By including the RTV application into their manufacturing processes, they've not only enhanced the performance of their insulators but also expanded their market reach and competitiveness. Many electrical utilities from different countries have shifted to using silicone coated insulators due to its enhanced hydrophobicity and insulation properties.


Midsun Group Inc., based in USA, specializes in providing a range of RTV silicone coatings in highly contaminated areas through its Midsun High Voltage Insulator RTV Coating or MIDSUN HVIC. Midsun also provides training to clients on the procedures for applying RTV coating. This offers a significant advantage, allowing clients to integrate the process into their systems rather than transporting their insulators for RTV application. Cerisol, our partner from Portugal, has fully understood the importance and advantages of offering pre-coated insulators. See video below, as Luis Coimbra, design manager of Cerisol explains how Midsun has improved their business.

To continue providing innovations to the fast-growing generation, transmission and distribution infrastructures, RTV coating stands as the leading solution to overcome challenges caused by flashovers. As insulator flashover is a costly and damaging problem in the electrical industry, and RTV coating has proven to be an effective and cost-saving method when long-term protection is of great consideration.


Midsun has mastered the innovation and delivery of superior solutions to our partners worldwide. Whether you're from the Generation, Transmission or Utility companies looking for reliable insulators or wanting to improve your existing insulators or a manufacturer looking to collaborate, you can get in touch with us to collaborate together (



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